Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guess I Got Bored...

So, as I predicted, I got bored. And by bored I mean busy and by busy I mean there are few things that I can actually follow through with these days before I forget or something else comes along. Here's what's up:

I love pasta, as I have stated over and over and over. It only made sense to create a Blog around something that I loved so much. It was all so magical!! It was a new year, a new decade and I wasn't about to just sit around doing nothing while I could be creating amazing food and fun for myself and my friends. 

Then reality hit. 

A new job, a new show, and a new theatre company. Cooking with my ta-tas all pushed up for the world to enjoy as much as I do fell by the wayside. Don't get me wrong, I cooked!! Max's Birthday 3-course dinner went off without a hitch and they were great recipes [Baked Caprese Salad, Asparagus with Vin Santo Vinaigrette, and Roman Style Fetteccini with Chicken.Friggin' YUM]. I'm just seeming to have a problem actually blogging about it all....yea........which is kind of the most important part about having a blog..... Am I right ladies?

The other thing that has been bugging me about the project from the very beginning is the fact that, even though I do love the carby carbs and endulgent delites found in the Everyday Pasta cookbook, I do know that there is something I have been even more interested in my whole life. Healthy cooking that tastes as good as the real stuff. Of course there are great lighter and healthier recipies in the book too but cooking ALL of them means ALL of them. I can't sit here and say to myself, "God, tonight I have to cook an oohie goohie pasta dish that is just going to make me feel guilty for eating it all week long just because I have to blog about it? Whatever, let's order in Green Mill instead." That's kinda how that goes.

Maybe it's not the blog that is making me not go through with this. Maybe, juuuuuust maybe, it's all the constrictions that I was putting on it and myself. [profound, right? i know, i thought so too]

So here we are. What now. I don't want to abandon this goal that I had for myself. I don't want this all to end on a note of disappointment that I somehome new would come eventually. Besides....this site is cute. So what now? 

I know this. I want to do things that make me feel good, great even. But not guilty. Guilty that I didn't write about it or that I'm eating something that I know I shouldn't. Don't get me wrong!!....I endulge.....a lot. That's the problem. Everyone is trying to find that balance in life. Whether it's the balance between staying out for one [or four] more drinks or going home because you have to work in the morning; or eating a whole box of Samoa girl scout cookies or going to the gym; or doing what we WANT to do in our lives -OR- feeling this sad, stressful pressure of doing what we feel we HAVE to do. 
Soooooo. Here we are. Things are gonna change. Cooking with Cleavage isn't going anywhere but she is going to mix it up. 

Reinvention is the word for spring. Get ready.

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  1. One reader's suggestion:

    Why does it have to be about Giada? Why can't be literally about cooking with cleavage? Then anything that comes anywhere near the topic of cooking or cleavage is blog-worthy. I'm serious! You can talk about your cooking adventures in pasta, you can be healthy about it too for the sake of the size of your cleavage; but you can also talk about your life as an actor (which lets be serious, is influenced by your cleavage too and is really "cooking" as they say). Expound on the literal title, I say. Then you can do it without guilt and still have some guidelines to inspire you!